Your Cemetery Park Needs You Alive!

46 DAYS to reach their target to reinvent The Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park Lodge. This is the aim of the Shuffle Festival and the Friends of Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park.  And you can help by pledging funds.



Ever wanted to really be part of creating your city? This massive humming conundrum of a place we all live in called London, by building something small, but revolutionary: a pint-sized cinema, workshop space and cosy cafe in a woodland cemetery on your doorstep? Sounds too good to be true? It doesn’t exist yet. But when it does you will have been the ones that did it! We still need your pledges to raise the full £59,275 for a new extension which we want to have up and running by the summer! Imagine… Ken in there teaching you how to make nettle tempura, watching the coolest short films from up and coming film-makers living in your area and sipping on a warm cuppa as the wintery blues passes. Here’s Kate (taking the cemetery theme a little far and dressed in a serious amount of black) to tell you more



Warm-up The Lodge!


To celebrate the last week of The Lodge crowd-funding campaign we’re hosting a pop-up on 27th March in the Lodge. Come and explore the little house in the park! We’ll be joined by the fabulous Gertie and her Gaiety, a swing band full of the roar of the Twenties and Thirties. Colourful Gertie will lead her band and you through the swing, rag-time, chanson and more of this giddy and gay era. Expect marimba, banjo, strings and one heck of a singer the fabulous Ms Molly Carroll. We’ll end the evening with a DJ set from Ro$$ Kemp (our very own Chris Bell). Tickets are just £5 (£10, £20 or £50 if you’re feeling generous) and can be purchased here! Our Shuffle chef India Hamilton will be cooking up a winter BBQ, accompanied by warm tipples and short films showing all night – just a taste of what this place could be.


Shuffle Festival 2016!


Shuffle is back this summer with a new theme; Movement, Migration and Place. We welcome anyone with ideas about stories, performances, music and films that explore how you all ended up here in the East End in a cemetery park with us, both from those who were born here and those that came across the seas. More soon

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  1. Loved your history lesson you gave on The Wireless just a moment ago. It sounds like you have had a great life living I Bow, plenty to keep you and your mates out of trouble, especially your love of football. Good luck. Thanks. Sandy Cox, Yateley, ,

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