They did it….

Congratulations to the organisers of last Sunday’s East End Canal Festival. They pulled off a great community festival  at the Art Pavilion in Mile End Park- music, food, heritage, film, entertainment and lots more.  Something for everyone. And the sun shone!


There was some great feedback on the day:


‘Great and warm atmosphere’, ‘great event steeped in history with something for everyone’, ‘we arrived at 11.30 and just leaving at 5.00pm’, ‘Really inspiring!’and ‘ It was a fabulous day and lovely little beacon of sharing our world with all comers in these rather dark days’, ”we had also increased awareness of the history of this place’, ‘super day and excellent boat trip.  I have learnt a lot about the area  I live in and will walk around with my eyes more open’ and ‘It’s the bollocks!’



and here’s some photos:


Face painting Heritage general 1a Little fish 2 Skhembe Soup ponddipping Bubbles CanalGeezers Art sales table The power of swan Bernard the clippie and boat




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