The Geezers visit their allotment at Stepney City Farm

The Geezers at Stepney City Farm

Last Tuesday a group of the Geezers headed off on the 339 bus to Stepney City Farm. They took charge of an allotment there last September.

Zaffer's seedlings
Zaffer’s seedlings

A while ago Zaffer bought a sort of miniature greenhouse from B&M and has been growing vegetables from seed outside his back door (photo above).

Zaffer at Stepney City Farm
Zaffer at Stepney City Farm
Dave Horler – the Geezers resident expert (right), with Dennis (aged 91) and Ellen. Dennis said: “Ellen and I had a lovely day and enjoyed the potting up and meeting everyone.”

Dave Horler is currently doing a course run by Danielle at the farm called “Food Growing Traineeship”. It runs on Wednesdays from April to October. Dave said; “At the moment the mornings are class based talking about the parts of plants, how to take cuttings and how to identify weeds. The afternoons are hands-on clearing beds and planting out plants from the greenhouse.”

As I’ve not grown anything before it’s quite a big learning curve.

Dave Horler

Dave said, “I would like to say a big thank you to Nicki for encouraging me to apply for the course, and also for helping us to get our plot.”

The Geezers with Nicki on the left
The Geezers with Nicki Carter (left) the farms Greencare co-ordinator

As you can see from the photos the Geezers had a great time at Stepney City Farm.

Nicki showing the Geezers how to pot up
Nicki giving the Geezers some guidance. Nicki said: “It was so great to have the Geezers visit the farm. The bed is looking great and it was very helpful to have them doing the potting up!”

Chairman Eddie Snooks said: “It’s really nice and rewarding to see everyone get out in the sun and spend quality time on the farm.”

Stepney City Farm is on Stepney Way, London, E1 3DG. It’s open to visitors 10am-4pm Tuesday-Sunday, and Bank Holiday Mondays – just turn up.

John Forster at Stepney City Farm
John Forster

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