Bow Business Centre after the fire on the roof of the flats

A roof fire engulfed flats above Bow Business Centre. 11 leaseholders have been forced to leave their homes and have been informed that  it might take 12 months for them to regain access.

On Friday, 25th August 2023, a devastating fire engulfed the roof of “3 Fairfield Road, Bow E3 2QT,” displacing numerous residents and causing extensive property damage.

Weeks have since passed, but the affected leaseholders remain in a state of uncertainty, awaiting clear communication, support, and action from the responsible parties

The fire, believed to have originated on the roof of the property, has raised several pressing concerns. The roof is known to house various installations, including solar panels and telephone masts, which have become a focal point of inquiries into the fire’s cause.

In the aftermath of the blaze, many residents have been left without a home. To add to the distress, half of the flats have suffered from flooding, after the recent torrential rains.

The leaseholders have been informed that regaining access to their homes might take up to 12 months or even longer.

Despite the magnitude of the incident, the leaseholders have received minimal assistance.

There’s a glaring absence of a clear plan or proposal to address the immediate needs of the affected residents, leading to financial strain and distress for many.

The leaseholders urgently call for:

  • A clear and transparent communication channel to be established with all relevant parties.
  • Immediate action to provide temporary accommodation and address the enormous financial losses incurred.
  • A thorough and expedited investigation into the fire’s cause and potential liabilities.

The affected residents of “3 Fairfield Road” urge the responsible parties to act swiftly and justly.

They seek the support of the local community, media, and relevant authorities in their quest for answers, justice, and a return to normalcy.

For media inquiries or to arrange interviews with affected leaseholders, please contact:

Chris Ogunalu or Rana Haddad

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