Minutes of Geezers Club AGM 5th March 2019

Geezers with local author Kate Thomson in Sept 2019

The Meeting Started at 1.40pm

In Attendance

R. Ayliffe. D. Carnegie, E Collins,  J. Day, R. Feltwell, R. Gipson, B. Godfrey, A Morton, S. Halliwell, P. Murray, B.Stradling, D. Tomlin, C. Wiggins, J. Wiggett, T Woodward, D.Paddard 

Minutes of last AGM

These were presented to Members. They were proposed by Ray Gipson and seconded by Barrie Stradling as a true record and unanimously voted on.                

Presentation of Accounts

The Accounts were prepared by Barrie Stradling and were far less complicated than previously. They were presented by Barrie Stradling and it was shown Income From Subscriptions was £1.074, Refreshments and money given out to the Geezers on Outings was £3.360.11, Opening Bank Balance January 2018 was £8.239.45, Closing Bank Balance December 2018 was £3.186,45.

There were no questions asked regarding the finances of the Club and were accepted by all attenders at the AGM, Money Spent over 2018 was £5.053.00 which was on Bow School Project, we have since the end of December been reimbursed by AFB for the Project Outlay with a current Bank Balance of £8000+.

Election of Management Committee for 2019

It was proposed and seconded that all the following be re-elected or re positioned – Ray Gipson still retained as Chairman and a Cheque Signatory as it allowed him as a signatory to check the bank balance of the club at the local Branch, non-signatories had no access and the club Bank Account did not have a Card to check if payments had been received.                                                                                            

Brian Godfrey and John Day to remain as Vice Chair but no longer be Finance Secretary or Cheque Signatory. Barrie Stradling proposed as Finance Secretary/Monitoring Secretary and installed to receive Bank Statements and as a Cheque Signatory in place of John Day, Dennis Banks Committee Member/ Cheque Signatory, John McLaughlin Committee Member/Cheque Signatory, Charlie Wiggins installed as a Cheque Signatory. – All voted in without objection.

Receive Annual Report

Barrie Stradling presented this which he had done in month order, it showed that The Geezers had in fact been busy all year, due to Speaking Visitors to club / Projects/ Organised Events that they were involved in throughout the year. These were received as a true reflection of what the club had done during 2018.The Geezers said they were very happy with the amount of activities and honestly were surprised at how much activity which came to life when listed down on paper (top photo Geezers with local author Kate Thomson in Sept). Proposed by Ricky Ayliffe seconded by all.

Any Other Business

Please see Notes Following The Geezers AGM 5th March 2019 below.

Meeting Ended at 2.50pm               

Notes Following The Geezers AGM 5th March 2019

Apologies for Absence –

Lloyd French/Tony Basra/ John Griffin/ John Forster reasons for non-attendance unknown

Dennis Banks /Alan Tall/ John McLaughlin/ Michael Santry – due to ill health or Hospital Appointment.

Any Other Business –

It was agreed that Barrie Stradling would now receive the Bank Statements instead of John Day. The Geezers would not have a Debit/ Credit Card on the Geezers Club Bank Account but it would remain as it presently was.

The General consensus by Ray Gipson/ Kate Angus was that with ailing health and age etc that we could not take on big projects as we had done previously, Ray Gipson also spoke to The Geezers about their having more involvement in getting speakers etc. in to the club, Kate Angus once reinstated at Age UK East London to take on this roll again Speakers and organising Events/ Coach Trips.

Kate Angus along with Andy Porter would research other funding grant streams, as Ray Gipson said that Action For Bow would not always be there.

AGM attendees were asked to remove the Mobile Telephone or any other form of contact details that they had for Kate Angus and if they needed to contact her to go through Age UK East London Switchboard.

It was suggested by Ray Gipson that a Sub Committee again be formed to meet quarterly to assess how the club was being run, although the one formed following the 2017/2018 AGM had never had a meeting. work to an Agenda they produced and relay to the core Management committee anything they considered needed improving or any additional activities that we should undertake, this idea was agreed by the club and a sub Committee formed by 3 people who volunteered to undertake this task, the effectively named the individuals who agreed to meet quarterly before a Geezers Meeting started and report their thoughts to the club were Brian Godfrey, Charlie Wiggins and Rick Ayliffe agreed that they would man this committee. It was proposed that they meet quarterly at Tredegar Hall on Tuesday before Geezers.

Barrie Stradling said that one of the committee members instigate the meetings to make sure this time they happened, this was agreed by the Committee. 


  1. Hello Geezers, I see you know our friend Kate.
    Do checkout the Matchgirl Exhibition at the Bancroft Road library, running this month.

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