Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from OurBow.Com

And Thanks to all our Viewers and Contributors.  Its 6 months since our launch and the site is expanding its content along with its readership.  The great thing is people are staying on the site for an average of 9 mins, so a lot of people are spending time exploring whats happening in Bow, or what we have managed to cover so far.


We have recently added an events column on the right hand side, so please let us know about both your regular and upcoming events.   The New Year will bring us the run in to the local council and Mayoral election, and further developments in the long running saga of the Roman Road regeneration, along with a lot else.


The site is only as good as its content and for that we need you –  to contribute your news, information and opinions.  If you haven’t already please sign up with your email address at the bottom of the page, click on subscribe and you’ll get the latest posts in your email.


Our New Year’s Resolution to the get the site more promotion, so that your news, information an opinions can get more exposure.


We are learning as we go, so please feed back on what you think of the site so far and what else you’d like to see on it by adding your comments below.


See you in the New Year with lots of more interesting content.


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