Lots to do in Victoria Park

The latest Friends of Victoria Park newsletter is packed with things to do in the Park in upcoming weeks.  You can build and decorate a birdbox, join in a Fisheries Management & Sustainable Habitats Event at the East Lake and attend an Ecology Team Open Meeting.

And on Saturday and Sunday, 5-6 March, you can join in the Park’s contribution to the national Keep Britain Tidy  Clean for the Queen initiative.

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Clean for the Queen is a Keep Britain Tidy  initiative marking the Queen’s 90th birthday this year, and at Victoria Park they’d like to mark the event by particularly raising awareness to dog walkers about cleaning up after their dogs. They know that the majority of dog walkers are responsible, but also realise that there are a small minority of dog owners who don’t clear up after their dogs.


Queen Elizabeth II visits a new maternity ward at the Lister Hospital in Stevenage.

They know that this is an issue close to a lot of park user’s hearts and thought that having volunteers dotted around the park, handing out leaflets and dog waste bags might be a friendly way of reminding people to keep our park clean!


They’d like as many people as possible to come and volunteer and are currently thinking of asking volunteers to commit to a 3 hour session on either the Saturday or Sunday. Volunteers will be provided with high vis vests and plenty of dog poo bags, along with information leaflets.
Contact victoriapark@towerhamlets.gov.uk.


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