Would you like to help Community Transport shape an innovative digital project?

You are invited to an exploratory workshop on 24th February at 2pm in Limehouse to give your ideas, hear more (including the results of our initial market research)  and help shape the project which aims to make transport services easier to access, easier to use and better able to meet the needs of its users?


THCT has been grant aided by the City Bridge Trust to pilot a new on-line platform which will be available for other operators and users to join.


We’ll be looking at 

– Who currently uses the service

– How we can best meet their needs of all our users

– How we can maximise the availability of volunteer time and vehicle availability

– What “features” users would like to see developed in the future 

For more information and to reserve you place please contact Dave.Ahlquist@thct.org.uk

Workshop Address:   Tower Hamlets Community Transport, 25-27 Newell Street, Limehouse, London, E14 7H .  Tel: 0207 9876447


Find out about this, opportunities to find a voluntary driver for your community group, vacancies on March training courses, and a new job opportunity at THCT by signing up to the Tower Hamlets Community Transport  newsletter.  Sign up here .

And did you know Community Transport can save the public purse £1.1bn a year. 

This is the conclusion of a new report, launched at City Hall last month.

Why Community Transport Matters aims to help community transport organisations around the UK better demonstrate the social value of the services they provide.


According to the report one third of older people and half of over-80s say they are sometimes lonely. It also explains that ‘loneliness can lead to depression, anxiety and mental decline, as well as increased levels of drinking and smoking’. As a result lonely and isolated individuals need more support from health and social care services.


Community transport services are able to provide older people at risk of isolation with the transport they need to access social opportunities and health services.


The report is available from ECTCharity:

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