Dougie Carnegie Audio Recordings

Back in 2017 I not so much interviewed as prompted Dougie to tell me a bit about his life.

Dougie passed away recently, and in searching my Mac for photos of him, I rediscovered the sound recordings I’d made of him.

Dougie Carnegie in 2015
Dougie Carnegie was born in 1932 in Dagenham. Here he talks about NOT being evacuated in WW2. His mother refused. As a boy aged eight he found the war exciting. The recording above includes the story of the time his brother brought a live incendiary bomb home. I think the historic accounts we get of WW2 are often coloured by, for example, posed up censorship approved photos of middle class people sitting neatly in their air raid shelters. Dougie’s account is a breath of fresh air.
In the recording above Dougie Carnegie talks about his working life, which included 30 years working as a chauffeur. He’d been retired for twenty five years when these recordings were made!

The final two recordings of Dougie are now here.

Alan Tucker

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