A Great Variety Show

The Geezers in the bar at the Concert Artistes’ Association

We have two retired actors in the Geezers Club.

Paul Dixey
Paul Dixey

Paul Dixey started acting at the age of five years old. He joined The Club for Acts and Actors about 10 years ago. It’s called the Concert Artistes’ Association. It’s really for theatre insiders, but they’re allowed to bring in two guests. Paul sought special permission for twenty of us to not only see a show, but to have a meal there too.

On Monday the 12th February the Geezers, as instructed, went through a secret door in Covent Garden and rang the bell marked Bar. Our top photo shows us in our natural environment. We were invited downstairs for dinner, then went back upstairs to the bar, whilst the tables were replaced with extra seating for the audience.

We went to see a show called More Name Dropping with Keith Simmons: “You name ‘em, he’s worked with them! From Anthony Hopkins to Norman Wisdom and Eartha Kitt; so many household names. 54 professional pantos too!” It was about an hour and a half of unique behind-the-scenes showbiz stories. Geezers chairman Eddie Snooks said, “Keith’s memory for detail was very impressive.” At the end Keith did a Q&A and could answer any question.

The Geezers loved the performance and Keith was amazing with his take on the entertainers he has met in his long career. We look forward to our next visit to the Concert Artistes’ Association.

I went to the show on the tube with my near neighbour Ian Godfrey. Despite knowing Ian socially for years, it was only by asking questions that I discovered he’d spent the first ten years of his life acting in theatres all around the country.

Alan Tucker

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