Geezers visit Tower Hamlets Archives

The Geezers in Bancroft Road Archives

The Geezers and volunteers from our ‘Old Ford Neighbourhood’ project spent an enjoyable afternoon learning about, discussing and sharing memories of Old Ford at a special session organised by the Tower Hamlets Archives in Bancroft Road. 

We looked at how streets and shops have changed over time, spotted early industries and those within living memory and, of course, we enjoyed exploring pubs past and present. Fond memories of ‘the massive big’ Aberdeen pub included drag acts and jazz. It was on the corner of the Roman Road and Grove Road. The nearby bus is still called the Aberdeen by many.

Geezers in Bancroft Road Archives
Geezers in Bancroft Road Archives

Discussion covered a range of topics from prefabs, to carp in the canal, to the development of housing around Lefevre Road. Wood played a big part in the area’s history.  From the smallest pieces in matchstick making (and not only Bryant and May), to the wealth of very small to large furniture makers, to timberyards along the canal. A photo of Daycocks Bikes in the Roman brought back memories of ‘when you were a kid they’d fix things for you and sometimes wouldn’t charge you.’ Food got a look in with images of firm favourites: the Saucy Kipper and Kelly’s, and past spots like the ‘Take and Bake’. 

Some of the Geezers looking at old photos in the Tower Hamlets Archives
Some of the Geezers looking at old photos in the Tower Hamlets Archives

Volunteers are visiting other archives and talking to local residents with stories to tell over the next months.  We will then pull it together for people to see the stories in tear’s time.

Do you have memories or photos of Old Ford to share? We would like to hear them. Please get in touch with us on

Thanks to the Archives, and Sanjida in particular for making it happen.

Read further details of the Old Ford Neighbourhood Project.

Carolyn Clark

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