Who needs the emergency services anyway

With the recent closure of local fire stations across the city, one has to wonder what will happen to them all. Will they be put to good use or will they simply be sold off to yet another commercial business?


Photos popping up on twitter suggest that a good chunk are being snapped up by the likes of Starbucks, Foxtons or Tescos. What’s next, with the impending NHS privatisation, will the Royal London become a Travelodge?




How would you like to see Bow Fire Station used? Bow is lacking a Foxtons after all…


  1. I am keeping a watchful eye on our former Fire Station in Bow. Which is right opposite our Club at Age UK Appian Crt. The lights are constantly on in there during the day. So someones showing an interest. Best we can hope for is some proper Social Housing.
    Ray Geezers Club.

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