Amazon Fresh in London

Age UK survey results

Rosie McKearney emailed to say that 40,000 people responded to Age UK to let them know what they thought older people need most to live well coming out of the pandemic. Here are the results:

  1. Timely access to healthcare
  2. High quality social care
  3. Enough money
  4. Support to end loneliness.

Mile End Park Survey

The Friends of Mile End Park would like to know what you like and dislike about the park. Please fill in their user survey here. There is also the opportunity to give them your ideas on how to improve the park.


  1. I hope the cashierless supermarket doesn’t become the norm. It would be yet another innovation that shuts out older people. I guess you can only use the Amazon Fresh shop if you own a smartphone? But the latest (2020) data is that nearly half of over 65s do not have a smartphone, nor do nearly a quarter of 55 – 64 year olds (source: https://www.finder.com/uk/mobile-internet-statistics).

    I don’t have a smartphone and I don’t want to be forced to buy one just to be able to do my food shopping.

    1. Dennis, Thanks for your comment and the insightful link. These stores are an option, they don’t control the market. There are plenty of independent stores in the Roman Road happy to take cash.

      But the problem is starting to be with everything else. It’s not just more convenient – you can save a lot of money. The Zipcar van on Tredegar Square can be unlocked with a Smartphone. It’s cheap and easy to hire with diesel and insurance included in the price. Booking a train ticket in advance, then using your phone to to take you through the barriers can be 1/10th of the price of turning up at the station and buying a ticket.

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