Victoria Park Bowls Club was the venue for this week’s Geezers outing

The Geezers at Victoria Park Bowling club

Victoria Park Bowls Club has been running for 125 years. The club president, Brian Jolly, is a familiar face to the Geezers, coming on most of the coach trips we organise.

The Geezers chairman, Eddie Snooks, with Brian Jolly, President of VP Bowling Club
The Geezers chairman, Eddie Snooks, with Brian Jolly, President of Victoria Park Bowls Club

A short time was spent learning about the rules and etiquette of bowls.

Tony & Roy's team
Tony & Roy’s team

And then went on to play a very competitive game of 11 ends with two teams of three players, the final score 8-7.

Brian's team won at Victoria Park bowls club London
Brian Godfrey’s team won against Roy and Tony’s team who stand beside him
John McLaughlin bowling at Victoria Park London
John McLaughlin bowling

One of the members of the Geezers, Jim Murray, is visually impaired. Coincidently the winner of 13 National blind bowls titles Eric Gallagher was at the club with his wife Miriam.

Eric Gallagher, Jim Murray, & Eric's wife Miriam
Eric Gallagher, Jim Murray, & Eric’s wife Miriam
Blind player, Eric Gallagher, with Jim Murray holding the bowl. Jim is visually impaired. At Victoria Park Bowling Club London
Blind player, Eric Gallagher, with Jim Murray holding the bowl. Jim is visually impaired.

A big thank you goes to Joy Feltwell for making up the beigels. It was a great afternoon.

Victoria Park Bowls Club is looking for new members, women in particular. If you’re walking past and see some bowls going on, pop in, or call Brian on 07411 819485. The bowling green is on the east side of the park, not far from the People’s Park Tavern.


  1. Steve why don’t you pop along or give me a call your Dad was a proper geezer.

    1. Steve
      Is Norma still alive? we would like to re-run the evacuation articles she and your Dad did for the geezers,
      And with your permission maybe create a larger item based on it .

      Call me on 07761202273
      Eddie Snooks

    2. Eddie,

      Dad’s brother Bill died a few weeks ago. Norma had moved to the Norfolk area (I think) with a friend who was looking after her. We were in touch with her up to earlier this year/late last year – my brother phoned her to give our sympathies about the death of her son, our cousin, Victor, but she seemed unaware of it. People tried to contact her after the death of Bill, but with no success. We think she may have been moved into a care home. We’re still trying to find her.

      You’re welcome to use the articles from before, and if we can provide any other information, we will. Did I tell you that last year, my brother and I scattered mum and dad’s ashes in Uplowman, in a spot that dad recalled with fondness as his “thinking place” when he was evacuated.

    3. Thanks Steve, my Mum remembers your Dad so well from the time they spent as volunteers at the Ragged School Museum.
      I read Ted and Norma’s evacuation stories to her.If you don’t mind I thought that if we could mix up all the evacuation stories into one including my mums and the rest of the surviving geezers it would make a really good article to put on the geezers website.
      If you can why not pop in and see us or we can meet up for a beer somewhere.Sorry to hear about your uncle and yes scattering the ashes in Uplowman is a nice touch.

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