UPDATE: Tesco IS coming to the Roman…

We’ve Ted Jeory to thank for finding out the latest on the Tesco situation – see Monday’s post.  He approached the Company on behalf of the Geezers and the local community and their spokesperson told him:


“We’re still planning to open a store in Gladstone Place, however the building is not yet completed and we are awaiting for the appropriate handover from the landlord. We look forward to serving the local community and will keep them updated as our plans progress”.


So it seems its coming, but we don’t know when!


Mebbe we can find out from the Developers.



  1. it has nothing to do with tesco dragging their feet… the concrete posts in the store were not up to the standard and were cracking therefore posed a risk… but all seems too have been sorted an handover is coming soon

  2. We need a clean British style supermarket with prices that other areas have on the Roman road market e3 all we have are Asian & Turkish stores that charge corner shop prices, also a nice wine bar or decent restaurant not curry & chicken take away!

  3. I’m not sure why people want Tescos here considering we already have most things you could want from the variety of independent shops down the roman. I wonder how it will affect them.

  4. Tesco should be made by the council to confirm a date of opening in 2014 otherwise they will just sit on the property. We desperately need a supermarket on the Roman Rd and definitely not an ‘Express’

  5. I understand Old Ford have been pressing Tescos too as they have found them to be dragging their feet. Anything to do with the superstores struggling and therefore wanting us to have to go to Bromley for longer? Also watch it stays a Metro as agreed and not become an Express, which is far more expensive.

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