Tomorrow. ..Photography in Victoria Park

There will be a second meeting of the photography group in Victoria park tomorrow, Sunday 8th May. The meet-up is aimed at local amateur/professional photographers who are keen to take photos of the park. Everybody Welcome!  Meet at the Pavilion Cafe (next to the West Boating Lake) at 10.30 am.

This will be the second meeting, the first was attended by 9 people who captured some great images as they strolled round the park. It is a flexible group meet-up, which goes with the flow and see how it grows.



The morning will begin at 10:30am outside the Pavilion Cafe  to establish what we want to get out of the day. We will then take a stroll around the park and get snapping – so do bring your camera’s, ipads, camera phones etc.  It will be approximately 2 hours in total (10:30am-12:30pm).


*Please note that the Pavilion may be very crowded, so do look out for a tripod and two people in disabled scooters.

The group looks forward to seeing you there.

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