Geezer Power at 3 Mills Tomorrow

The Geezers are taking part in an Active Energy Open workshop at Three Mills as part of National Mills Weekend tomorrow Saturday 14th May, 11am-4pm.  Evertybody welcome.

They will be working with Artist Loraine Leeson and engineer Toby Borland in front of House Mill at the Three Mills heritage site to construct a stream wheel for later installation in the Lower Lea. The wheel will be activated by the outflow of water from the mill and will power an aerator to help oxygenate the water and counteract the effects of pollution on the river’s fish and wildlife.


This current phase of the project is taking place as part of the Hydrocitizenship initiative.



For the last eight years Loraine Leeson has been working with The Geezers, a group of senior men from in East London, to address the possibility of powering London with energy generated by the flow of its rivers. This arts and engineering collaboration started with the DemTech research project at Queen Mary University of London via a SPACE commission, then an exhibition proposing tidal turbines on the Thames Barrier, followed by intergenerational workshops and mentoring around sustainable energy at a local school which resulted in a turbine-driven lightwork installed on the roof of an AgeUK centre. The Geezers have also exchanged ideas with a US seniors’ group, contributed to a museum installation in Pittsburgh, introduced the project and its issues at conferences, and made input to a new design for a low cost turbine designed for slow moving tidal rivers.

The Miller’s House, Three Mill Lane, Bromley-by-Bow, London E3 3DU.  020 8980 4626

Find out more about the Active Energy project at:

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