The Rock Vicar visits the Geezers

On Tuesday 7th June Father Brian Ralph who is the parish priest of St Barnabas Bethnal Green came along to spend an hour with the geezers.

Eddie Snooks said, “He told us how as a member of a punk rock band, complete with a blue Mohican, he felt responsible after a church hall got a bit smashed up during a gig!

“When he asked the priest what he could do to make amends he was asked to come to church on Sunday. He didn’t exactly find religion there and then, but it was what kindled an interest.

“He gave us a brief talk on the various churches he has been sent to and said that St Barnabas is probably his favourite.”

Father Brian ran the St Barnabas Community Fete, which included a music festival from 2003 -2012 on Wennington Green, across the road from the church.

St Barnabas Bethnal Green is an inclusive Anglican Church on the corner of Grove Road and Roman Road (London E3 5TG).

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