The Geezers Sponsor Little Geezers!

In the spirit of Intergenerational work The Geezers sponsor a Dagenham United U10s Football team.

Bradley Challis, the parent rep at Dagenham United FC wrote to us, “Firstly I would like to say thank you on behalf of the team for your “The Geezers” very kind donations, it means so much to the boys to know that they have a dedicate fan base outside of the usual faces and gives them a feeling of being part of a real team, a team with a sponsor.

“So let me tell you about the team ‘The Little Geezers’. The team was formed towards the back end of last season, originally we were part of a 14 man/child squad which for a while was nice, many children meant many parents which gave us a great family feel, sadly this was short lived and the team had to split because of our many numbers creating two u10’s teams. Bonds were broken, new bonds were formed and existing bonds where strengthened and we soon became the very friendly and very close unit that we are today ‘The Dagenham Utd Blues’. The boys started off at many different capabilities and because of this we needed to support one another to gel as a team, this meant working hard on both our strengths and weaknesses twice a week at our very enjoyable training sessions.

“Because of this we have rapidly gone from a team of children all chasing the same ball to a full squad each with their own positions fulfilling their duties and making us a balanced team across the pitch.

“Each child has their own characteristics and uniqueness which makes for great watching both on and off the pitch, they are all great kids and whilst wanting to win each week still value the “having fun” side of the beautiful game, something we try to encourage whilst they are still so young.

“Myself, the boys and all involved with the team are excited to meet you and the other Geezers at our Christmas party on the 15th and cannot wait to thank each and everyone of you for your generosity.”

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