The Geezers Club has reopened!

The Geezers a few months before coronavirus struck

The Geezers Club reopened for the first time in over 15 months on Tuesday 29th June 2021.

They meet weekly on Tuesdays between 2pm – 4pm at The Tredegar Community Centre, 333 Morville Street, Bow, London E3 2DZ.

During the Coronavirus pandemic restrictions several of The Geezers remained in contact by meeting weekly, when it was allowed, at a local venue. With only groups of six allowed to meet in a pub, some members having mobility issues, and some preferring not to meet in a pub it was challenging. Nevertheless they did keep in touch with the other members who did not attend.

The Geezers are now looking are looking for visitors to come in to the club on Tuesdays to speak about local projects, initiatives, healthcare etc. The 6th & 13th July, and 3rd & 24th August have just been booked up.

They plan to organise outings after the lockdown restrictions are completely lifted.

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  1. Hi why i can’t find it about old three colt pub 450 old ford road bow. I would like to know more information and photos about old three colt pub .i know the pub is demolished. My great grandparents used to working in the pub and live there few a years .his name is harry burr and his wife alice …

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