The Bow Belles

The Bow Belles are a group of older women who meet regularly in Bow and this is their first film – a montage of songs, dance, archive and interviews. We first meet them walking through tulips in Victoria Park. They talk about growing up as young women in the middle of the last century when parents were very strict; of only being allowed to meet boys under supervision; and how the Second World War had a big impact on their relationships. Their stories are inter-cut with the creation of a dance to Hey Big Spender and a sunny, colourful tea dance shot in the park. They go on to share their experiences with young women from the Eastside Youth Centre. A wonderful empathy is created as they contrast and compare notes on past and present – music, dance, fashion and makeup…and boys! To find that things are more the same than different

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  1. Firemen. During WII many firemen lost their lives in Bow, many were from Beckenham, near where I now live, they were buried in the local church. I have a copy of the church register showing full details for each man. Nearly forty men and ladies were killed in one night when a bomb hit Old Palace School, Bow. A week late six more were killed when a fire engine took a direct hit. We have photos of their Memorials. I’m willing to share this information with any other interested party. I lived in Bruce Road, Bow for the first 35 years of my life and I’m always proud to be a Bow Boy. I have so many fond memories of Bow. I have many stories about Bow and it’s people and their fights for social justice. I see your clubs carry on the traditions of Cockney Land. Always ready for a song.
    Best Wishes

    Alex Stratton.

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