Bow: Then and Now

The Geezers and Boys from Bow Boys School share their experience of growing up in Bow across the Generations.  Territory.  Music.  Clothes. Entertainment.  Hopes and Dreams.  To discover they have much more in common than they thought.

An Geezers intergenerational project, winner of an iCoCo (Institute of Social Cohesion Award) award.


  1. I went to Fairfield road boys school around 1949.Mr McHarrie was our headmaster….Mr Pickering, Mr King, Mr Pope were some of the teachers there then.I lived in Archibald street, opposite Wellington Way school..Miss Harvey was the headmistress there and Miss Ayres was my teacher in primary.The roof was off due to bombing. Us youngsters used to sleep on rubber mats in the hall, and at times listening to the aircraft and guns going off….

  2. Another great piece of film, I went to Bow Boys between 1958 and 1963, the headmaster was Mr Cormode and my form teacher in the last two years was Mr H Brown (Known as Harry or Crocus because he was a keen gardener) and the class number was 8 Alpha. Paid a return visit to the school in I think about 2008 which was very interesting. My old classroom on the top floor was the music room and there was a young lad in there and could he play the piano. His mother was with him along with the music teacher and I said to them ” if he keeps playing like that one day he’s going to make his mum a rich woman” I do hope he carried on with it because he had a natural talent. I’m a firm believer that everyone has some form of natural talent but you just have to be young and lucky enough to discover it. The Ritz down St Stephens road was either known as The Bug Hole or The Flea Pit” and my parents would never let me go in there, it was ok to go to the Mile End Odeon on a Saturday morning though ( only lived 3 or 4 minutes walk away) Suits of course had to be hand made preferably 7 ply mohair and Italian shoes.
    It is amazing how this site just seems to unlock so many memories.

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