The Bouncy House at Frieze Art Fair!

We visited Frieze Art Fair to launch the Bouncy House, an idea we came up with while we were working with the artist Pilvi Takala.



Frieze Art Fair was amazing because we are big fans of art!


We looked around the whole place and we handed out our flyers for the Bouncy House!




When we were talking to people about the Bouncy House some people thought it was really amazing because we thought of it.



Being at Frieze Art Fair made us really excited, but scared at the same time but it was really fun and we felt like artists!


The Bouncy House is an extremely fun bouncy castle, but it has all the features of a normal house. There is crazy and tacky things like a bouncy toilet which makes silly noises and a sofa which when you sit on it you slide down it.


We chose to make the Bouncy House because everyone’s ideas fitted in to the Bouncy House and everyone thought it would be fun because its fun for children and adults and it will remind adults of their childhood!



The great thing about the bouncy house is that it is going to be run by youth, its mobile and the money we raise from it is going towards our youth centre and a charity of our choice!



Words, filming and interviews made by young people from Eastside Under 13’s

Below are pages from the artwork book we created for working on our ideas.

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