Some of the Geezers were finally able to meet

A small contingent of the Geezers finally met

From last week we’ve been able to have up to six people in our garden. A small contingent of the Geezers came to our house for a drink.

It was great to meet up and have a natter again. Ray Gipson said he missed going to Bow Bowls, where 16-20 people usually attended, and being able to go to the pub for a pint. Ricky Ayliffe said he missed the camaraderie of The Geezers meetings and our post club trips to The Albert.

They’ve been unable to have their regular Tuesday meetings, with visiting speakers coming to present new ideas to them. During previous summers they used to go on monthly coach trips to the seaside

Before coronavirus Barrie Stradling said he was volunteering 5 days a week doing different things. He was attending football matches all over the country, as well as singing with a live band. All of the things that he used to do have been stopped.

How much longer will the Coronavirus lockdown last !!!

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