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We have received this letter from the Tower Hamlets Safer Neighbourhood Team about the Community Safety Awards 2015.  Please submit your nominations by February 7th.


Dear Safer Neighbourhood Board Members


I would like to make you aware of the  Board Community Safety Awards 2015 and the nomination process should you or members of your organisation/community group wish to forward a nomination.


The focus of the awards is to recognise members of the public’s contributions to making the borough safer, with 4 categories aimed at this, and one to recognise partner officer/team contributions above and beyond their duty in the field. Nominations are also used as examples to inspire other members of the public to work with us as a partnership or other members of the community to make the borough a safer place for all.



Tower Hamlets Community Safety Awards 2015


Members of the public and partner agencies are invited to nominate members of the community or officers in the community safety field, who helped make the borough a safer place during 2015. Nominations are being accepted for the Community Safety Awards 2015 until Sunday, February 7. The winners will be announced at an awards and public meeting event in March.


The Tower Hamlets Safer Neighbourhood Board and Community Safety Partnership have created the awards to recognise the public’s invaluable contribution to helping prevent crime and anti-social behaviour. It takes a lot of work to tackle and reduce crime to make the borough a safer place for everyone.


Nominations can be for those volunteering on their own or working with residents/community groups, charities or organisations / agencies. The Community Safety Awards aim to recognise their important contribution and highlight achievement, innovation and best practice. It is hoped the Award winners’ contributions will inspire others to take action to make their communities even safer.


If you know someone or a group who deserve recognition please tell us who they are by completing an online form or pick up and complete a paper nomination form from your local community building and they could receive an award!


Nominations are invited in the following categories:

  1. Best Individual Achievement by a Young Person: For individuals under 18 years of age, who have made a significant contribution to make their area a safer place.
  2. Best Community Project: For grass roots projects or activities led by the community or voluntary sector, to make the local area/borough a safer place.
  3. Best Community Voluntary Group: For voluntary groups including Tenant Residents Associations, Neighbourhood Watch and other groups, who have made their local area/borough a safer place.
  4. Best Community Volunteer: For individuals (adults only) who have made a significant contribution to community safety in their local area/borough.
  5. Best Partnership Officer/Team/Project: For projects or activities led by professionals working in community safety organisations, who have either individually or collectively made the local area/borough a safer place.

You can find out more about the awards by visiting our website:


Awards are open to everyone living, working, studying or volunteering in Tower Hamlets. Posthumous nominations are accepted within one year of death. Nominations are open until Sunday, February 7, 2016.


You can nominate someone or an organisation who you think deserves an award by completing an online application form:



When completing the form, please provide facts supported by practical examples. It will help to consider and include:

– What this person, team or project has achieved in 2015 to merit recognition with an award?

– What was it like in the area before this person/project began taking action in the area?

– Where they undertake these activities?

– Do they support any particular groups of the community? (e.g. older, younger, faiths, people with disabilities, minority groups etc.)


Kind Regards

Colin Hewitt

Community Safety Partnership Officer

Community Safety Team

London Borough of Tower Hamlets

Town Hall

Mulberry Place

5 Clove Crescent


E14 2BG

Tel: 0207 364 6134

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