News from the Bow East Safer Neighbourhood Team

The latest Newsletter from the Bow East Safer Neighbourhood Team contains updates on Ward Priorities, Good News and Planned Meetings/Activities

Neighbourhood Priorities

Our three neighbourhood priorities are:

1. Roman Road Youth Gangs

2. O’Leary Square Drugs and Robberies

3. Globe Road Youth violence

Ward Promises

Our ward promises are:

1. Drug Dealing

2. RomanRoad with McKenna Green Anti-Social Behaviour

What are we doing to help reduce crime and ASB?

Regular Patrols

As part of our efforts to reduce crime and antisocial behaviour, officers are completing both plain clothes and high visibility patrols in areas identified as ward priorities, as well as areas identified as hot spots through analysis of crime and intelligence.

Information from residents will also influence and direct our patrols.

Working with the council

Another weapon in our arsenal when it comes to tackling antisocial behaviour is to work closely with the council and other Registered Social Landlords. We have highlighted issues to Circle/OldFord Housing and from these joint patrols occur with SNT and Circle housing ASB officers at a minimum of once a month.

Following recent incidents around Gladstone Place, Acceptable Behaviour Contracts have been issued to repeat antisocial offenders.

Drug Warrants

A big thank you to members of the public following intelligence received from them, combined with information from officers carrying out their routine patrols, which enabled Bow East SNT to execute two drugs warrants leading to several arrests and over a kilo of cannabis recovered as well as stolen goods.

Information from the public is vital for us to continue to tackle offenders in this manner.

By taking drugs and offenders off the streets we hope to make an impact in the levels of antisocial behaviour experienced on our ward.

Please contact us with any useful information that you may have, even if using the anonymous Crimestoppers.

Good News

Youth Antisocial Behaviour

Several Acceptable Behaviour Contracts have been given to youths who have repeatedly caused issues over the past year around Gladstone Place. Some first time offenders have been given strong words of advice with their families in the hopes of steering them away from this behaviour without having to take firmer action. We continue to monitor the youths and the situation.

New Ward Sergeant

After a hard-spent few years on Bow East, PS Sampson has left on promotion, and Bow East Ward welcomes PS Cowley to takeover the helm.

Planned Public Meetings

Come and visit us on the following dates for a chat about your local issues

  • 19th March 2016 1200-1300 hrs Idea Store, Gladstone Place E3
  • 24th March2016 1800-1830hrs Tower Gate House, Ordell Road E3

Next Ward Panel

4th May 2016 at 18:30 hours

Idea Store, Roman Rd E3

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