News and Events around the East End May 2018

Above a graphic depiction of the local election results from the Tower Hamlets website.

Local Election Results 3rd May:

The Tower Hamlets results were delayed because of the complicated system of electing the mayor. John Biggs (Labour) was re-elected as Executive Mayor with 44,865 votes. Rabina Khan (People’s Alliance of Tower Hamlets) was runner up with 16,878 votes.

Bow East Councillors are: 

Amina Ali, Rachel Blake, Marc Francis – all Labour.

Bow West Councillors are:

Asma Begum, Val Whitehead – both Labour

Overall Labour won 42 seats, the Conservatives 2, and People’s Alliance of Tower Hamlets 1.

The Museum of London have a new photography exhibition called London Nights. It starts today 11th May and costs £10. I’ve yet to go but it sounds great.

A History of Dodgy Medicine is a talk which will be given by Caroline Rance at 7pm on Weds 16th May. It costs £12 and is “suitable for adults”. It’s at 181 Upper Street, London, N1 1RQ but you need to book first here. “Join us for an entertaining evening with Caroline Rance – author of The Quack Doctor – where we delve into the murky world of dodgy doctors, so called miracle cures, and fraudulent healthcare from history…”

Clerkenwell Design Week runs from Tues 22nd to Thurs 24th May. I’ve been before and there’s a huge amount to see – there’s even an additional fringe event. There are talks as well as too many exhibitions to take in on one day. It’s free to register on their website.

The local neighbourhood watch have sent us the graphic below showing what they’ve achieved during the last month.


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