Matchgirls’ leader’s grave to be bulldozed

Sarah Chapman, one of the seven original members of the 1888 strike committee

The grave of Sarah Chapman, one of the leaders of the 1888 Matchgirls’ strike in Fairfield Road, is at risk of being bulldozed.

Manor Park Cemetery is in private hands and the want to ‘mound’ some grave to make way for new burials.

We’ve received an email from Sam Johnson of The Matchgirls Memorial, who says the Cemetery Directors will not speak to the family or campaigners  and intend  to cover her paupers  grave within weeks. The family have now written to the Secretary of State for Justice.

This petition has reached 7,000 at time of writing, but obviously needs more signatures to save this piece of history.

Sarah Chapman was one of the original seven members of the strike committee and went on to represent the Match Makers’ Union at the TUC.

Two years ago Newham Recorder ran this story headed Great-granddaughter of match girls striker campaigns to erect memorial on her Manor Park grave.


  1. Hi,
    I will be only too pleased to add my signature to any petition to support Sarah Chapman’s graveside from being destroyed.
    Yours truly
    June Dunster

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