Keep Old Ford HA in the Circle!

Circle Housing wants to dissolve Old Ford Housing Association management and absorb it into the larger management of Circle Housing, removing any semblance of local accountability and leaving tenants to deal with a remote and centralised management body without any local or resident representation.


Local Labour councillor Mark Francis, has already pulled out of Old Ford in protest at their mismanagement of repairs.  See our post of last week.


Bow East Labour Party are now urging you to attend a meeting this Saturday at St Paul’s to discuss saving Old Ford Housing Association.


Venue: St Paul’s Church, St Stephen’s Road, Bow, E3

Date:  Saturday 5th March

Time: 1.00 pm


Here is there invitation:


Labour Party Public Meeting Sat 5th March 2016 re Save Old Ford HA

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  1. I do encourage all Tenants & Leaseholders to attend this important meeting at St. Paul’s Church 1pm on Sat 5th March. I was a Lib-Dem Councillor when we supported the transfer of a lot of the Councils then Housing Stock. Having been given the insurances, that the new formed Hse. Assoc. would be local ones and manged by Boards of Tenants, Leaseholders including Ward Members, for the benefit of there Tenants and Leaseholder. We now find several years done the line not only OFHA, but many of the other New HA’s in the Borough are being absorb by Multi National HA’s with offices all over the Country. Where I know Tenants are not getting the Services they need and are entitled to. Ray Gipson.

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