Huge show at the Art Pavilion until 17th March 2018

In a country far, far away is the title of this cross-border group art exhibition. The exhibition on open everyday 12 – 6.30pm, and in addition there are a whole pile of workshops, concerts and events. You can see the whole programme on the Art Catcher website here.

Artist Esther Nelsen cutting clay off a mould to send for firing.

I went today (Monday afternoon) and found the Art Pavilion a hive of activity. Esther Nelsen (above) took the time to explain what she was doing. You can see some of Esther’s finished figures on her website here.

This group show incorporates work by 80 artists from London, Europe and further afield which presents varied interpretations of fairytales, myths and legends from countries under sufferance of war and crisis. It offers a platform for reconnection with, and enhanced understanding of true personal identities behind the distorted images which arise from conflict and crisis. There is something for everybody in this huge exhibition. This artist’s statement below shows just how varied the artists’ backgrounds and experiences are.

Artist’s statement
Artist Farah Ishaq making a collage

Farah Ishaq (above) was making a sample collage, and inviting members of the public to join in and have a go themselves.

The Mile End Art Pavilion is a short walk from the Mile End tube at Clinton Road, London, E3 4QY. I can thoroughly recommend a visit, there’s a lot to see here.

In a country far, far away. Exhibition at Mile End Art Pavilion.

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