Help put Dementia on Parliament’s Agenda

How dementia is caused, from the Alzheimer's Society website

Research by the Alzheimer’s Society shows that dementia was the leading cause of death in Britain over the last 10 years. This affects not just the victims, but also the people who care for them.

Next Tuesday (7th Nov) King Charles will give his first King’s Speech. Black Rod will summon the Commons to attend the speech and lead them to the Lords by banging on the doors three times.

There will be debates in Parliament following the King’s Speech, and you can help ensure that dementia is discussed.

The Alzheimer’s Society say that instead of three knocks, they have three calls to action:

  1. Improve dementia diagnosis
  2. Reform social care
  3. Increase participation and funding in research

Please ask your MP to make dementia a priority in Parliament using this easy to use form on the Alzheimer’s Society website. 

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