Ben Martin makes a start on the lost pubs hoarding

The Geezers visit the Arnold Road site on 17th Oct 2023

The artwork will list some of the many lost pubs of the East End. The Geezers have fond memories of socialising in pubs that are long gone.

Construction company, Jerram Falkus, are kindly sponsoring artist Ben Martin who is collaborating with the Geezers on this fascinating project. You’ll find it taking shape in Arnold Road, Bow, across Bow Road from the Police Station.

Eddie Snooks (L) Steve Reynolds & the Geezers
Eddie Snooks (L) Steve Reynolds (site manager) & the Geezers at Arnold Road 17th Oct 2023
Ben & Steff making a start on the hoarding 2nd Nov 2023
Ben & Steph making a start on the hoarding 2nd Nov 2023

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