Help Plan Your Neighbourhood

A Neighbourhood Plan for Roman Road has been initiated by Roman Road Trust, and the Inaugural Public Meeting will be at 4pm on Saturday 20th February at St Paul’s Church on St Stephen’s Road.




Neighbourhood Plans are developed and delivered by a Neighbourhood Forum. Forums are made up of people who live or work in the area. It’s important to have as many people involved in the Forum as possible in order to ensure policies represent the views of the whole community. The Forum is seeking representatives from local businesses, community groups, places of worship, charities and resident associations to join the initiative. Find out more about joining the Forum at the website.




To find out more click here for the Roman Road Trust website

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  1. Hi All. Great to see at last a Neighborhood Plan for our area. The word Neighborhood is a sound that I thought was banned in Tower Hamlets. After the Labour party took back control in 1994 of the Borough from the Lib-Dems. We had so much pride in Bow in them days, I was so proud to be part of it from 1986 -1994. Ray.

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