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Tower Hamlets Enterprise Team and their consultants ImaginePlaces have issued the following invitation for people to attend a workshop at the Francis Lee Centre to contribute to developing an action plan for the RomanRoad.


Get there and get your voice heard.


Dear Roman Road Stakeholder,


Tower Hamlets Council’s Economic Development service has been conducting research and seeking the views of residents, shopkeepers, traders, local organisations and visitors on the future of Roman Road.


The work is focused on factors that have an impact on the economic vitality of the Roman Road Town Centre. This work started in November last year, and will finish next month.  As part of this process a workshop will take place to hear about the data collected, a discussion on insights stemming from that data and the development of an action plan.



You are warmly invited to attend this workshop, which is a vital stage in developing an action plan for Roman Road.
Date and time: Thursday 6 February 2014 from 6pm to 9pm
Venue: Francis Lee Community Centre, Clare House, 10 Hawthorn Avenue,  Bow, London,  E3 5PY (Map attached)
Spaces are limited (40) so please do let us know if you would like to attend by sending through a confirmation email. This will help us to plan the event. Thank you.
If you have already told us that you’ll be able to join us or sent apologies. Thank you for doing so.



We are sending this invitation to yourself, and other people who live/work in and around Roman Road, or who are involved in the town centre through their work.  We would like to use this opportunity to thank those of you that we had the pleasure of meeting, filled in the online survey or participated in the business survey.
We hope you will find the time to join us for this important workshop in early February.


Kind regards,
Angela Koch, Andy Schofield and Tower Hamlets Council’s Enterprise team


  1. As someone who as been attending meetings of The Roman Rd Regeneration Working Party. Which as discussed in depth the for and against of the Market. We really need more input from the local people who shop there. So please attend the meeting on the 6th February. Ray Gipson.

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