Have your say about roof extensions in your area

Mansard Roof extensions are becoming an increasingly popular way of creating more space in Victorian houses.  The council are now engaging in a consultation process with local residents to discover their opinion on these developments in conservation areas in the Borough.


Those against want to keep the original look and proportion of the Victorian houses, as a vital part of retaining the East End’s architectural heritage.  Those for argue that the ability to create more space means that families can stay and maintain an inter-generational mix in the area.


What do you think?


The relevant areas in Bow are Driffield Road, Fairfield Road, Medway, Tredegar Square and Victoria Park.


The consultation meeting for Bow residents will be at St Paul’s Church, St Stephen’s Road, this Thursday 3rd December at 2-5pm and then on Friday 11th December at 5.30-8.30pm.


For further information visit the RORD website.




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  1. I believe the Liberals were the first to allow Mansard Roof in Conservation Areas in Bow like Grove Hall Park Tredegar Sq. and above Shops and Pubs in Roman Rd. Mkt. Between 1988 and 2006 when they run the Council. They look and work well in them areas, but we must be careful we dont over populate some of the areas that are already over populated.

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