Hairy Bikers a Big Let Down

Last week’s programme The Hairy Bikers’ Pubs That Built Britain focussing on the disappearing pubs of East London has come in from criticism from locals.  Not only for the shabby way they were treated at the recording, which led to letter of complaint to the production company, but to the content of the programme itself which centred on a stereotypical picture of the East End, inevitably foregrounding the well worn story of the Krays.

A member of the Geezers commented:  ‘I thought it was complete tosh apart from Ray’s bit. It was clichéd lazy journalism, like a Krays documentary, also got Jack The Ripper in…” let’s focus on things that everyone knows about unless you have amnesia!  Sod all the other history there is!”  A wonderful opportunity to talk about the disappearing boozers particularly in East End missed by a programme presented by two tossers who make Chuckle Brothers look like investigative journalists’.


Make your own mind up by watching the programme here.


Or if you can’t face all of it watch the best bit at 18 mins 40sec, the Geezers’ Ray Gipson in the Cardigan talking about the impact of the closure of local pubs on the social fabric of the area.


  1. I was asked to be there in the Cardigan by Ray and give them as much information as I could. They interviewed myself and Keith over 8 hours and nothing was broadcasted. A total waste of my time and Keith’ s, who by the way lost a lot of custom as people walked out of the pub as they were rudely being told to be quiet !!!!! the whole day. WHAT A FARCE.’

    Tony ex publican of the Lord Cardigan 1996/2009

  2. Sorry so wound up I put Blond Beggars by mistake, whilst there might very well be Blond Beggars in Whitechapel I meant BLIND BEGGARS

  3. I wondered if they were ever aware of the umpteen breweries In East London or the penchant of East Enders to go Hop Picking as holidays to supply hops to brew the beer. They missed out the Elephant Man he was in Royal London Hospital Whitechapel near Blond Beggars.
    I wonder if whoever researched it knew of The Suffragettes coming from East End, The Match Strike, The Battle of Cable Street v Mosley’s Blackshirts or the history of The Widows Son pub? Of course they didn’t that would require real investigation not the charade that the programme made of London’s East End.

  4. This episode of The Hairy Bikes ‘Pubs that Built Britain’ was a disgrace to the people of the East End. ‘Our Pubs’ used to be the best for live Music and entertainment in the country. Using the Krays to sell a program was well out of order.

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