Geezers on stage at the Conway Hall

On Friday 20th Oct 2017 four of the Geezers were on stage at the Conway Hall, in London.

They were one of a line-up of inspiring speakers at the event Being the Story  created by Sound Delivery.

This was a one-day event celebrating the power of thought-provoking storytelling.

Storytelling not only gets your story out to an audience, but it is also a powerful cathartic experience. There’s a detailed explanation in this great blog post written by Madeleine Sugden called Cathartic and Powerful Storytelling.

The London Community Foundation said, “The Geezers have the audience in tears – tears of laughter.”

Click the video above to watch the 23 min film:  ‘The Geezer’s Guide to Growing Old’ 

Under the heading “Ray, Charlie, Ricky and Don AKA The Geezers  – The Geezers Guide to Growing Old” Sound Delivery said, ”Life begins at 70, that’s what Chief Geezer Ray says. People just don’t want to have a talking club. They want to be talking about doing something and then actually doing something. The Geezers want to change the way we see ageing, bringing older men together for fun and joking, social gatherings and to create real change in their area. Ray, Charlie, Ricky and Don shared how things are done The Geezer way, as they campaign on issues that matter to them and connect communities with their imaginative approach to ageing.”

You can watch the Geezers tell who they are in this short video recorded at Geezer HQ in Bow.

Hello we are The Geezers from sounddelivery on Vimeo.

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