Funding for Third Sector Opens

The revised Mainstream Grants (MSG) programme has this week been opened for applications. This will see approximately £3 million invested in third sector organisations to deliver real change for those most vulnerable in the borough.

Mainstream Grants

Third sector organisations working within the borough can now apply for funding to help the council to achieve its strategic objectives as set out in the Community Plan, reducing inequality in the borough and making Tower Hamlets a great place to live for residents. The existing programme was scheduled to end at the end of March 2015, but was extended by up to five months by the two commissioners, appointed by the government, to determine grant allocation at the council.

What will the funding go towards?

Organisations will be invited to apply for funding in areas where they can add value to the work of the council. These opportunities have been divided into five key themes:

1.    Children, young people and families

2.    Jobs, skills and prosperity

3.    Prevention, health and wellbeing

4.    Third Sector organisational development

5.    Community engagement, cohesion and resilience.

The council is also encouraging organisations to work together on consortia bids.

The new MSG programme will seek to ensure that funded organisations deliver benefits across the entire borough, and reflect the needs of the area.

Sir Ken Knight, lead commissioner, said: “The council today will open up the revised MSG programme to applications. This money has been a vital source of funding for the borough’s ambitious third sector organisations for many years. This new criteria will streamline and direct these funds, to ensure that the people of Tower Hamlets really benefit from this funding.

“I am hopeful that the projects that these funds will go towards will help the council deliver noticeable change for those most vulnerable in the area.”

Chris Holme, acting corporate director of resources at Tower Hamlets Council, added: “This is a major milestone in delivering a fair and transparent new mainstream grants programme. Work will now commence in earnest to work with local organisations to bring forward projects that will add value to Council services and deliver improved outcomes for local residents”

Applications for funding will close on June 5, 2015, and organisations will receive funding ready for September.

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