Film project wants contributions from London’s older adults

Still Life Quarantine Film

Rosie Litterick of Capital Age Arts is looking for older people to participate in a quarantine film project. They’re creating a film called Still Life in Quarantine.

Getting Involved

Choose one, two, or all of the following:

Somewhere in your house, set up your own still life image and video record it for 30 seconds. A place/or image which has meant something to you during quarantine – your bed? Your window sill? Put yourself in it and get creative!

Record yourself doing something active. It could be exercise, laundry, or anything in between. Something you have done and enjoyed during quarantine.

Write a line of a poem using the word “STILL” in it. It could be that you are still in quarantine. Or that life is still. Or that you are still as busy as ever. Anything that means something to you personally.

Give Rosie a call: “If you don’t have access to a camera, or you don’t fancy any of the above, give me a call. I’d love to speak to you and can use our conversation (with your permission) in the video.”

Please email contributions to Rosie Litterick. If you need any help or ideas – get in touch. You can also call or text 07888737845. Rosie would like your contributions by the end of Mon 11th May 2020.

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