Felix food redistribution charity opening in Bow

Felix Project food delivery Central London

The Felix Project, a London-wide food redistribution charity is expanding by launching a new depot in Bow mid April.

They are looking for volunteers in Bow:

  • Warehouse Assistants work as part of team to sort the food we receive and prepare this food for delivery to our partner organisations. Anyone can get involved, as long as they are relatively fit.
  • Drivers go out in one of our green Felix vans on a designated route around London, delivering food to charities, schools and other organisations. They get a chance to see where the food goes, who it helps and even pick up more food to be sorted and re-distributed. Drivers need to be over 21 years old.
  • Co-drivers accompany our drivers out on a route in the van, helping to load and unload the van and getting in touch with organisations and suppliers on route.
  • Walkers/Cyclists collect food on foot or by bike from our suppliers, and then deliver this food directly to organisations who can give it out to people who need it the most. This role can be done in pairs or as a group.

Volunteering with The Felix Project is very flexible, allowing people to fit in in round their other commitments.

Register your interest in volunteering for the Felix Project in Bow here.

Other News

The Bromley by Bow Centre have launched a new directory of local services and help which you can download here.

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