Council Proposes New Parking Zones for Bow

B1 & B2 parking signs in Bow

Proposed changes to B1 and B2 Parking Zones in Bow

The boundary of the current B1 zone is Victoria Park in the north, the A12 (Blackwall Tunnel approach) to the east, the railway line which runs over Corborn Road, Tom Thumbs Arch and Fairfield Road to the South and Mile End Park on the west. Roughly speaking zone B1 is around the Roman Road area.

Zone B2 starts at the railway to the north, finishes at Bow Common Lane and Devons Road in the south, and also lies between Mile End Park and the Blackwall Tunnel Approach Road. Zone B2 is roughly centred around Bow Church and Bromley By Bow. Check the council map or the street signage for a more exact information.

Current Bow Parking Zones
Current Bow Parking Zones

In response to concerns raised by Bow residents Tower Hamlets Council is consulting on proposed changes.

Issues raised in Bow are:

  • A lack of parking spaces for residents returning home in the evening
  • Free parking occupied by non-residents at the weekend
  • The existing hours of control in B1 & B2 finish at 5.30pm which is too early

Below is a map showing two new proposed additional zones. The council is suggesting creating new B5 and B6 zones from the eastern half of B1 and B2. Roughly, they run down the line of St Stephens Road and Campbell Road.

Proposed new parking zones for Bow
Proposed new parking zones for Bow

I scanned the image below from the council letter which came though our door. It sets out the three proposed options. The council has set a deadline of 26th October 2020 for responses. If you got the letter you can mail the form back to them. You can respond online here as well as read more information. Only one response per household is allowed.

Bow parking options
Proposed Bow parking options


  1. This is only info I’ve had on the proposal (aren’t there more important things for the council to do and spend time and money on?). Just did the survey and yet again, designed to get the answer they want with no chance to just say stop this, it’s mad except in comments which will be ignored or buried with the statistics taking centre stage which geared to supporting it at least as second choice so results skewed. Thanks for letting me know but I have no confidance anymore that the consultation will have any impact.

  2. The problems of parking in TH which SHOULD be addressed by the council are reasonably easily resolved – create more parking space. Instead, as do all councils, they respond by messing with zones and charges which at the end of the day are mostly designed to increase the council’s coffers, not ease parking. One day councillors might wake up to the fact that restrictions generally only cause more general problems. They might – but I doubt it. I am now retired and during all the years I have met very few councillors or council officers who are capable of thinking round the curve.

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