Barrie’s Millwall Plaque

Geezer Barrie Stradling tells the story of getting his name on Our ‘Wall:

Early in 2014, Millwall FC launched a project called ‘Our Wall’ where you could buy plaques/ bricks in a wall that they were constructing on the outside of the West Stand, The Barry Kitchener Stand.  They offered several sized bricks/ plaques that you could purchase, whereby you could inscribe whatever you wanted to put, and it would be part of this wall, this was done online and you could specify what wording you wanted to include on your own brick and you received an online proof for your approval before purchase.




As you will see I opted for the largest available and was in the first wave of Our Wall.


‘Our Wall’ is effectively for those committed Millwall fans to be part of the New Den stadium itself.  I know there will be those reading this that feel all Millwall fans should be committed.  I get ribbed mercilessly each week in The Geezers about my supporting Millwall, all done humorously, I think!


As well as inclusion in the wall I have a Certificate featuring the Plaque and a replica of it at home as well.  A lot of those included in ‘Our Wall’ have been purchased either as commemorative stones for Millwall fans who have passed away or as gifts to Millwall fans to highlight particular birthdays etc.


I am the youngest member of The Geezers and one of the most recent members having joined about a year ago, however I have supported The East End team Millwall, formed in Millwall in the Isle of Dogs since I was 8, back in August 1966.


People have often asked me why as an East Ender I do not support West Ham United, in honesty Millwall are the nearest club to where I was born in Whitechapel / Stepney even though they are based in South East London, i.e. the wrong side of the river, also when I was young there was a large contingent of people, both in my family and neighbours who supported Millwall, as they were an East End team.


For information I have been a Season Ticket Holder at Millwall since the mid 1980s and regularly, along with all the home games also attend around 15 to 20 away games per season.



  1. Hello Ray,
    I think I can handle Geezers abuse, I have had worse supporting Wall since 1966. the year Wet Spam Untied apparently won the World Cup!

    I hate modern Bandwagon Jumping Gloryhunter fans, and Happy Clappy no atmosphere stadiums, the worst loss of a Real Atmosphere is Cardiff City, Ninian Park was as hostile as the Old Den, last couple of times I have been to their new ground it is flat, souless, happy clappy, prawn sandwich eating merchants, really bothers me that true Football atmospheres have gone, all down to Money Money Money.

    We are all glad that Millwall have kept our working class ethos, would hate to lose the passion.

    Barrie Geezers Club

  2. Well Done Bal. Yes you do get a lot stick from us old Codgers at the Geezers Club, but. It is all done in a good old Eastend way. I still support the team I followed as Man & Boy, when I was young the Orient. Though I dont go to professional football any more. When I am ask who’s my team it is ‘The O’s’. The trouble with people know days is you must always follow a team that wins. I can remember when England won the World Cup in 1966. The whole of the Eastend seemed to be West Ham supporters. Due to the fact, that 3 of their players were in the World Cup team. Now I am afraid it is the Arsenal’s,Tottenham & Chelsea’s that are our favorites. It is so sad, as it is another reason why our Heritage is so important.
    Ray Geezers Club.

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