Barrie’s 60th, Fraud Alert, New Show at Space, Old Photos in Attic

Barrie's 60th

Barrie Stradling’s 60th

Last week the Geezers celebrated, Barrie Stradling’s 60th birthday party at Millwall FC. Money was raised for Foetal Alcohol Syndrome Awareness (FASD). A good time was had by all.

Fraud Alert – Bogus Overseas Officers

Fraudsters are contacting overseas students and visitors who are in the UK via their mobile phone or social network account and purporting to represent UK or foreign law enforcement.

They tell the victim that there is evidence of forged documentation, demand personal details, then ask for money to be transferred. Please don’t let anybody fall for this!

New show at The Space

The Space (Mudchute DLR) have a new show called Rush starting Tues 21st Aug. “Life now is a RUSH – the new generation are speeding through life… tackling social pressures, a ruthless media machine and their own neurosis. Find out more and book here.

Old photos found in attic

John Turner was member of member of the local camera club in Bromley and photographed around London. This article in the Amateur Photographer tells the story, and shows some of his photos, including shots of the East End. There’s a link to the BBC in the article leading to even more photos.


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