Aya Haidar in Whitechapel – the Geezers bring their memories

Aya Haidar speaking to the Geezers

The Geezers are delighted to be working with Aya Haidar, pictured above speaking to the Geezers last Tuesday. Aya’s upcoming 2024 commission from London Borough of Tower Hamlets centres on Whitechapel.

Together we’ll be working with upprojects, looking at the heritage of the cockney East End towards a large scale public artwork by Aya based on stories of history, heritage, memory and community.


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  1. Enjoy because that’s all we have now is memories
    My east end has gone
    We live in a different world now

    I was born in Mile End hospital
    Lived in Limehouse /stepney
    Went to bow boys when it was a proper school 68-73
    Still only another 20 years or so and all the real east end boys will be pushing up Daisys
    Me included

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