Are You Breast Aware?

One of our ladies would like to share her story.


Renate, seen here on the right, is in her late seventies. Thirteen years ago she discovered a lump on her right breast. It was diagnosed as cancer.  She had the breast removed followed by months of chemo and some radio- therapy, she recovered and her and her husband enjoyed life untill 2 months ago Renate felt another lump in the remaining breast. The cancer was back. Did Renate feel sorry for herself? No!


She attended appointments and the breast was removed. This strong courageous woman left hospital 24 hours after surgery. Two days later she went to the hair dressers as one always has to look her best.


Renate came to a function at Appian Court 2 weeks later to a  round of applause from all the Bow Belles members, gentle hugs as she was still tender and lots of kisses. She said the card and flowers we sent were beautiful.


Tests show that they have caught it early so Renate may not need chemo.   She has been back at club making us laugh as usual. I take my hat off to her and admire her strength as do all that know her.


From the age of 50 to 70 women are called up every three years for breast screening.  What many women over 70 do not know is that you can book your own appointments for screening after that.  Talk to your doctor as different health centres use different hospitals for screening. They will give you the number to call.

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