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Action for Bow have sent us their Annual Report for 2017 – 2018. They support education, training and employment opportunities; sports, healthy living and cultural activities; environmental and regeneration issues in Bow East and West Wards.

They say that their initial endowment was almost fully utilised during 2017-18 and the Trust was only able to give a total of £22,535 to six organisations this year.

Fortunately the Trust has now received an outstanding endowment, via the Greater London Authority, which will enable the Trust to continue its work for the next few years. The Trustees will be reviewing how it can best use these funds to assist to meet the current needs of the area – and will also be considering other organisations with which Action for Bow might collaborate in the future.

The Trustees are keen to hear from anyone with a good knowledge of the area and ideally some experience of charity work, who would be interested in joining them as a voluntary trustee to take this work forward.

Bids for the next round of funding will start in April, and more information will be provided here on Our Bow.

Ahmed Hussain, at the Bromley by Bow Centre, runs the administration of Action for Bow:  email Download the full Action for Bow 2017-18 Annual Report here.

Below are some examples of how the grants were used during the last year.

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