100 Years on and Bow School Needs You

This year is the centenary year for the original Georgian school building which still forms one part of the Bow School site.  As a result the School is planning a celebration of this fact which will take place on the School site on Saturday 29th March and will be called Heritage Day.


The arrangements for the day are still being developed but we are aiming to try and involve as members of the local community as possible in the event.


Mrs Smith , the headmistress tells us what its all about



Assistant Head Teacher Jim Morris adds:


We are particularly keen to hear from anyone who went to the school and/or had relatives who went to the school. The further back we can go the better but any memories or connection with the school is something that we are keen to explore and to introduce into the activities that we will be running on the day.


If you would like to share your stories and/or get involved with the actual event in some way,  please do get in touch with me,  Jim Morris,  Assistant Head Teacher.


My contact details are :

school phone : 0208 980 0118

direct mobile : 07946587272


So everything is changing next year at Bow School.   The school is moving to its brand new site in Twelve Trees Crescent and the boys will be being joined by girls.


Let them tell you about it:

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