Urgent! Sign the Petition on the Roman Road Tomorrow!

The 3 remaining public nurseries in Tower Hamlets are at risk of privatization and parents of these nurseries and local residents are standing against these proposals, as they will impact on the youngest in our Tower Hamlets community.  10 Children Centre sites in Tower Hamlets are at risk of being closed down under current proposals.  We would like to invite all of you, who are supporting us with this campaign to a petition-signing event at Roman Road Market tomorrow

Saturday 4th February 2017
12:00pm till 2:00pm
Roman Road Market, near the Idea Store


Please come and support the cause, as you have done so just over 2 years ago. We do not believe that young and vulnerable children should be paying the price for the cuts that are proposed in the Tower Hamlets Council budget. After all, we want to build a strong prosperous community, which continues to thrive and is not run by private enterprises. We are proud of the value these settings deliver to local communities.


We are joined by Save Our Children’s Centre campaigners and will be speaking and sharing with public the plans proposed, raising awareness, so the people of Tower Hamlets speak up with united voice and support these nurseries/ children centre sites to operate.



If our nurseries are privatized i.e. Overland (Bow), John Smith (Stepney Way), Mary Sambrook (Wapping), the quality of early years provision will suffer, the children , especially those with additional needs, Deaf children of Tower Hamlets will suffer. Queen Mary Day Nursery in Poplar closed down, with no consultation and parents are forced to travel further distances. Public nurseries have been the fabric of this community since 1970, longer than some politicians in power. Labour supported Sure Start, and Children’s centres. Now current administration proposal is to “commission out ” in other words privatize these.  10 Children Centres delivery site are at risk of closure , one may be just near you , and you may not be aware that it may disappear soon.  Please come and support us, as these Early Years settings/nurseries are proof of quality early years education, they remind everyone that quality costs…but quality counts, and the ends to justifies the means.

Come and join us, and say “No” to these cuts, proposals.

Our Nurseries, Our Children Centres, Our Voice

United We Stand
Parents of Save Our Nurseries campaign, Parents of Save Our Children’s Centres campaign

The issue is reported at greater length in this week’s East London  and Dockland’s Advertiser.  Read it here.

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