Traditions ends with Tradittude

The Traditions Art Exhibition at the Art Pavilion in Mile End Park ends its run with a final celebration on Sunday(19th Feb) – Tradittude, a day of events, performances and experiences, with something for everyone.  Including the Geezer’s very own Barrie Stradling delivering his cockney rhyming slang quiz.  Find out if know your ‘apple and pears’ from your ‘whistle and flute’.  And they’re the easy ones!



All this and the exhibition is brought to you by Katya Rosenberg’s Artcatcher.  Artcatcher are doing a fantastic job bringing ‘Art’ out of the galleries and into the community, involving and making it accessible to the whole community.


​An all day programme of presentations and performances
(This day forms the closing event of the exhibition TRADITIONS, 1-19 February.)

Throughout the day, Victoria Sponge Cake will be sold by supporters of Walthamstow Migrants Action Group to create funds for the continuation of a legal advice centre for migrant citizens.


TRADITTUDE 11am-12pm 
Gong Bath
​by Paul and Mark Cummings
Free, donations welcome
Between 11am and 12pm, the pavilion is reserved for visitors of the Gong Bath.
Please respect the silence.

The brothers will be filling the pavilion with a sound and ambience that transforms and realigns the senses. Start your Sunday with a quality morning – the meditation may be enjoyed standing, sitting or lying down (please bring a mat).


TRADITTUDE 3-5pm tbc
Origami and Paper-Cutting Workshop
​by Lindsey Williams
Free, donations welcome
Paper-Cutting can be incredibly therapeutic & fun to do! Within the workshop you will be given the opportunity to learn how to make a Origami or an Paper-Cutting from scratch.
This workshop is for both children and adults to develop the base skills in how to make ‘Origami and Paper-Cutting’.


The Journey of the Banjo
​by Russ Chandler
Free, donations welcome
Presentation and performance


​by Andy Simons
Free, donations welcome
Before Facebook made it easy, Zines formed the traditional 20th century way of alt-communicating with people you don’t know. A former British Library curator, Andy acquired zillions of zines for the nation and here unpacks their history.


Ancestral Whispers
by Vanessa Downie of Ajos Dance
Free, donations welcome
This solo, entitled Ancestral Whispers, was commissioned by Art Catcher Ltd and developed during a residency at Space@ Clarence Mews. This is a powerful, emotive, intricate and personal piece inspired by Vanessa’s newfound native American heritage. From an anthropological and philosophical standpoint, the piece explores ways in which the legacy of America’s indigenous people impacts Vanessa’s life in the present day, and acknowledges her changing attitudes relating to the connection with the spirit of her Great Grandmother, now viewed as a precious gift… as opposed to once being an unsettling source of fear.



TRADITTUDE 6.30-7.15pm
Tradition / Rebellion / Synergy
An performance by Follies Articles, exclusively commissioned by Art Catcher for TRATTITUDE
Free, donations welcome

A Comprovisational Performance in 3 Movements 
A Movement in 3 Comprovisational Performances
For 2 Metronomes 2 Musicians and 2 and 2 Dancers 

Arnulf Lindner: Composition and Concept
Violin and viola: Helena Massip, violin and viola
Cello and double bass: Arnulf Lindner
Dance: Mark Rietema and dance cooperative


Tradition, the wisdom and light of the past, put into ritual and meaningful structure. Guiding through rule and regulation, providing a vessel for the unbounded nature of desire and want. Over time and change and heightening awareness, the veil of of cultural anxiety, of boundedness by relevant rule of bygone eras becomes hindrance and in need of renewal, in need of a dance of liberation. 
What to keep and what to drop?
Saving the precious, the deep and the meaningful. Shedding the skin of the restrictive and superfluous….it needs wisdom of new to not err in this precious process, reinterpretation of our socio-cultural reality.
Keeping the spirit and our purpose, ceasing to carry the burden of judgement and opinion…..

Let us be present, intimately challenging life to connect us. With what is!
Presence-Intimacy-Connection: Let’s look for it! Together!!






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