The Dad’s Army Radio Show at Wiltons

The Geezers at the Dad's Army Radio Show at Wilton's Music Hall

Last night the Geezers went to see the Dad’s Army Radio Show at Wilton’s Music Hall. We thought it was a brilliant show –  fast paced and very funny. It finishes on Saturday 22nd June 2024. Tower Gateway DLR and Aldgate East Tube are nearby.

The two actors, David Benson and Jack Lane, play 25 different characters. They wear Khaki uniforms and mimic the mannerisms and voices of the likes of Captain Mainwaring, Sergeant Wilson and Private Pike perfectly. Often the actors are arguing with themselves, switching characters in milliseconds. This makes watching them really funny.

The Dad’s Army sitcom launched on the BBC in 1968 and ran for 80 episodes, often achieving 18 million viewers. Older people, like the Geezers, who’ve seen the original shows will get the most fun out of the Dad’s Army Radio Show. “You stupid boy”. The story concerns a fictional, hopeless Home Guard platoon who would be in the frontline should Hitler invade.

David Benson and Jack Lane kindly joined us for our group photo outside Wiltons.

Highly recommended.

Alan Tucker

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